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Play-like Implementation of Industry 4.0 at SMEs: Minimizing Risks and Identifying Opportunities

Plenary Talk

Jivka Ovcharova

What are the key features of future Remote Labs? A critical evaluation of an existing one

Sebastian Zug, Anja Hawlitschek, Till Krenz

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GUI for Circular and Elliptic Objects Detection in Digital Images

Veska Georgieva, Plamen Petrov, Antoniya Mihaylova

INF1.2.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Experimental realization of Controlled Square Root of Z Gate Using IBM’s Cloud Quantum Experience Platform

Petar N. Nikolov, Vassil T. Galabov

INF1.3.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Graph partitioning – comparison of naive and evolutionary approach

Vanesa Georgieva

INF1.4.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Spatial random graphs generation – comparison of naive and evolutionary approach

Blagovest Achanov

INF2.1.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Knowledge discovery for business process optimization at Enterprise 2.0

Konstantina Dimitrova

INF2.2.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Automated Genome Indexing for Metagenomic Analysis

Kristian Nikolov, Boris Kirov, Vassil Galabov

INF2.3.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Passive voice quality analysis with melodic structure of previously recorded telephone conversations

Angel Garabitov

INF2.4.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Framework for implementing, evaluating and analyzing some algorithms for non-photorealistic image processing

Virginia Todorova Dimitrova

INF3.1.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Approach for knowledge transfer for building autonomous agent behaviour

Vanya Markova, Ventseslav Shopov

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Sensor data fusion for topological localization of rail vehicles

Stefan Hensel, Marin B. Marinov

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German as a foreign language and the mastery of relevant technical language as prerequisites for a successful engineering education at FDIBA

Julia Popowa, Lucas Pfeiffer

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Ways to identify influence factors of virtual reality-systems on the acceptance in teaching – differences in generations X, Y and Z

Thomas Scheicher, Thomas Heupel

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Quality Security and Product Liability with Examples from the European Automotive Industry

Invited Talk

Peter Greulich

The Requirement to Deceive – a Serious Shortcoming of the Bulgarian Computer Fraud Regulation

Ralitza Dimitrova

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Digital Transformation and its radical changes for external management accounting: a consideration of small and medium-sized enterprises

Serap Demiröz, Thomas Heupel

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Accretion strategies referencing start-ups inclined to affiliation

Gero Peter Gunkel

BWL2.1.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Berlin faces the technology trap 30 years after the fall of the wall – the digital transformation influences the follow-up process

Dirk Henrich, Thomas Heupel

BWL2.2.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Do Digital Transformation and generation change from baby boomer to digital natives enable Beyond Budgeting a new chance?

Sonja Schönauer, Christian Roth, Thomas Heupel

BWL2.3.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
X-Matrix Combining with Lean/Six Sigma for Company Great Results

Nikolay Kambosev

BWL2.4.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Challenges for New Business Models Based on Big-Data Analysis in the Machining Industry

Thomas Mücke

MB1.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Concept and Development of a VR-Application

Miglena Dontschewa, Denise Stamatov, Marin B. Marinov

MB2.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Non-traditional procedure for the organization of information control systems for intelligent production machines

Sasho Guergov, Aleksandar Tsenov

MB3.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
On the issue of technology process for intelligent machine tools

Sasho Guergov, Aleksandar Tsenov

MB4.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Estimation of Magnetic Field Maps With Mobile Platforms

Stefan Hensel, Marin B. Marinov

MB5.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Effect of Nanoadditives on the Characteristics of Bainitic Transformation in Spheroidal Graphite Cast Irons

Julieta Kaleicheva, Valentin Mishev, Zdravka Karaguiozova

POS1.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Bidirectional travelling surface waves in a convecting fluid

Ognyan Y. Kamenov, Magdalina V. Uzunova

POS2.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Solitary and Cnoidal Waves in the Equation of a Convecting Fluid

Magdalina Uzunova

POS3.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Transparent Governance for Corruption Prevention

Zwetelina Gankova-Ivanova, Svetlozar Todorov

POS4.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Enhancement of surface properties of steel samples using new technique for electroless nickel plating

Julieta Kaleicheva, Zdravka Karaguiozova, Valentin Mishev

POS5.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Shadow Economy, transparent E-Governance

Zwetelina Gankova-Ivanova

POS6.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Using Multilink Type Suspension as a Front Suspension for a Motorcycle

Georgi Yanachkov, Simona Hesapchieva

POS7.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Grouping of technological features using a clustering algorithm

Galina Nikolcheva, Julieta Kaleicheva

POS8.pdf Plain Text BibTeX
Application of UniSim Design to study the static and dynamic properties of a chemical technology equipment

Stefan Kiranov

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