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Renewable Energy Sources and Employment

Plenary Talk

Zwetelina Gankova-Ivanova

Session Informatics
“Hygiene Factors” of Usability (Precondition for GUI Acceptability)

Svetla Ivanova-Vassileva

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Associativity of Visual Metaphors and User

Performance (Study of a Banking Application)

Svetla Ivanova-Vassileva

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Informational aspects of modelling the Health

Regions in Bulgaria

Velko Iltchev, Aleksandar Tsenov

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Methods for Eventual Consistency in Collaborative Editing Systems

Boyan Katsarski, Velko Iltschev

INF4.pdf INF4.pt.txt INF4.bt.txt
Mixed-Reality Spatial Configuration with a ZED Mini Stereoscopic Camera

Dimo Chotrov, Zlatka Uzunova, Yordan Yordanov, Stoyan Maleshkov

INF5.pdf INF5.pt.txt INF5.bt.txt
Prediction of EIGRP traffic parameters by 3D

approximation using neural networks

Irina Topalova

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Session Mechatronics
Navigator System for Virtual Manufacturing Process

Hashem Badra, Jivka Ovtcharova

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Integral Brake System for Electric Motorcycle Using Maximum Energy Regeneration

Georgi Yanachkov, Simona Hesapchieva

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Design of a mobile platform for the evaluation of Localization and Mapping Algorithms

Stefan Hensel, Marin B. Marinov, Christoh Kehret

MECH3.pdf MECH3.pt.txt MECH3.bt.txt
Location based calibration of low cost particulate matter sensors

Ivan P. Topalov

MECH4.pdf MECH4.pt.txt MECH4.bt.txt
Session Economics
Competence of Employees in the Context of


Anna-Maria Staiger, Malte Fiedler, Wolfgang Fritz, Dietrich von der Oelsnitz

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Session PhD Students
Using Formant as an indication of speech

intelligibility in VOIP

Angel Garabitov, Aleksandar Tsenov

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Application of Hilbert Transform for Phased

Antenna Array Calibration

Daniel Hristov

DOC2.pdf DOC2.pt.txt DOC2.bt.txt
Utilizing Blockchain technology for data analysis and interaction through The Formal Method of Things

Blagovest Kirilov

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