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Plenary Session
Admissibility of Hardcore Restrictions in License Agreements

Stefan Stefanov, Mladen Mladenov

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Student Session
Addressable LED/Buzzer structure as optimization proposal for wearable indicator system increasing visibility and safety of urban E-Bike users

Devina Manoeva

DOC1.pdf DOC1.pt.html DOC1.bt.txt
Counterclaim for invalidity of a trademark in court proceedings for infringement – “for” and “against”

Dimitrina Stefanova

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Phased Antenna Array Cross-Polarization Tuning

Daniel Hristov, Hristomir Yordanov

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Requirements for creating an ad-hoc network with nanosatellites

Vasil Kumanov

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Summary of potential applications of nanofluids

Emil Grigorov

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General Session
Digital Revolution and Economic Society

Peter Lang

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Model-Based Design of a Cascade Control for Loop Heat Pipes

Thomas Gellrich, Sören Hohmann

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Smart Factory – Future of Parts Manufacturing – on the way to autonomous, model-based manufacturing

Thomas Mücke

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Using activity structure analyses to determine waste of resources in maximum-care hospital perioperative medicine

Gerald Götz

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Economic Challenges of the Digitalization of Energetics

Zwetelina Gankova-Ivanova

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