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Dear Colleagues,
We have the pleasure to invite you to the the 2022 FDIBA Conference in a hybrid format, which is under the title

Engineering 4.0 and the Internet of Everything.
The conference is organized by the Faculty of German Engineering and Industrial Management Education at the Technical University of Sofia and covers topics within the research activities of the Faculty.
The topics are divided in three fields:


Computer science and communications

Economics and Management

1. Robotics and Automation





2. Measurement and Control

3. Intelligent Sensors and Actuators

4. Electronic System Design

5. Renewable Energy Systems

6. Micro- and Nanomechatronics

7. Mechanical System Design

8. High-Frequency Technology, Microwave Engineering

1.     Communication networks





2. Telecommunications

3. Internet of things

4. Internet of Everything

5. Dependable and secure systems

6. Cyber-physical systems

7. Signal processing

8. Language processing

9. Artificial intelligence

10. Audio and video processing, image processing

11. Database systems

12. Big Data storing and processing, Data Warehousing and Data Mining

13. Bioinformatics and Computational biology

14. eHealth and eLearning

15. Computer Hardware

16. Operating systems

17. User interfacing and WEB-Programming

1. Change of business models





2. Business Automation

3. Digital marketing and marketing of innovation products

4. Production management

5. State policy and financial institutions in high-tech production management

6. Intellectual property management and policies

7. Principles of new type companies’ creation in the digital production industry

8. Transfer of technologies

9. Engineering Education

10. Human labour concept, employment, skills and human force strategy


The research papers presented at the conference are going to be published in the open access conference proceeding ISSN 2535-132X (printed); ISSN 2535-1338 (on-line). 

The conference will take place:

On 24 – 25  November 2022

in Sofia, Bulgaria

One of the main goals of the organizing committee is to bring of the reported papers to the attention of the largest possible audience. Therefore, the conference publications will be publicly available free of charge.

The papers of the conference participants should comply with the following requirements:  

1. The language of the papers can be either English or German, as the authors find more suitable. The papers must have a title and an abstract both in English and in German.
2. The papers should not be less than 4 pages and no longer than 8 pages.
3. The papers can be reported in English or in German.
4. All the references should be in roman script.
5. The deadline for paper submission will be strictly enforced.
6. Only the papers reported at the conference will be published in the proceedings.
Please Note: Papers are accepted ONLY via the Conference Management System. Please register and upload your paper through the “Web Portal” menu item above.

Important dates

1. Initial paper submission: 30. October 2022 10. November 2022 19:00 EET
2. Notification of acceptance: 06. November 2022 16. November 2022
3. Submission of final papers: 20. November 2022

You can find detailed instructions for the formatting of the papers in the templates below. If you use Microsoft Word, please select the template corresponding to the language that you will use for your paper. The LaTeX template is bilingual.



General Chairman: Vasil Galabov <>
OC Chairman: Mladen Mladenov<>
Technical Coordinator: Yordan Yordanov <>

Conference web site:

Paper registration platform:

Facebook page:

This conference is sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).